Learning through Experimentation

Hands on Learning is absorbed better and deeper

"Inner Spark focuses very heavily on hands on learning and practical exercises are a key component of our lesson plans. Each kid gets to perform the exercises, including experimenting with their own individual robot in the class. This helps the kid absorb and retain the material at an accelerated pace".

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Interesting Features

The course offer students the opportunity to customize their learning experience and achieve academic excellence.

Effective Lessons

All lessons have been designed by experienced instructors with interactive teaching techniques that will help students to achieve course excellence.

Hands on Learning

So many amazing mechanical building and programming exercises provide entertaining and informative way to learn robotics.

Interactive Learning

The instructors discuss concepts with kids as the lesson progresses. Asking questions and help as the kids work through exercises and need help is encouraged. This ensures that kids make consistent progress.

Team Work

Kids are encouraged to form mini teams and compete in World Robotics League to further cement their learning and form the basis of FLL teams later in the season. Teams that do well in World Robotics League invariably do exceedingly well in FLL.

Learning Objectives

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.


We provide balance Mechanical Design and Programming skills so that every kid can be a strong participant in any competitions and stands for him/herself.

Self Learning

The most important thing we expect that you will be able to learn anything just by yourself after gaining the confidence through our classes.

Deep Knowledge

We believe in going beyond the rote and for kids truly understanding and learning the material.

What People Say

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"Aagney really enjoyed the class!! Yippee I'm so happy about that. He said Varun (instructor) is very good and was also happy the kids were all working independently.Thanks for the great work."


"You are the best coach ever. I am seriously impressed by your dedication and attention to the kids"


"Your hard work, passion and encouragement for my son's daring robotics journey has been out of the world! You went out of the way and did everything possible to boost his confidence along the way. Today's robotics score and judges notes on the assessment were testament to the vast improvements he made in last couple of months. Can't thank you enough!"


State Finalist, 2x Regional Champion
"I have become more persistent and confident because at first I didn't want to do robotics but then I tried it out and I learnt it wasn't so bad and so now when some new things come up then I am more likely to try them."


State finalist and 2x Regional Champions - FLL
“If you like Robotics, then this is the place for you - because in class you learn to do something and then you will be given a scenario to solve. It is fun and challenging at the same time.” (more…)

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